Let me tell you why "The Affordable Care Act" is a FAILURE. ............. The "Great American Hoax" perpetrated by Barack Obama.

“Health care in the modern world is a complex, scientific, technological service. How can anybody be born with a right to such a thing?” “You have the right to work, not to rob others of the fruits of their work, not to turn others into sacrificial, rightless animals laboring to fulfill your needs.”

Every problem with our current healthcare system in the United States is caused by interference with the free market system: by providers who lobby politicians to grant them an exclusionary law to provide services (yes, doctors are guilty but certainly not exclusively so), by consumers who have been indoctrinated to believe that they aren’t smart enough to compare their options and make a choice, and by the government: elected officials who already run two massive national health insurance companies (Medicare and Medicaid), create ever more restrictive licensure laws, and design bureaucratic and bloated organizations such as the FDA who “protect” us from making our own choices and taking our own risks.

Let’s all recognize the basic fact here. No government creates revenue. The only governmental source of revenue is the taxes it takes from its citizens. To say that the Canadian system is simply underfunded is to say that the people are simply under-taxed. I challenge you to find one Canadian who agrees with that.

We must consider other options. There are lots of choices, for example, some version of medical savings accounts. Give citizens some of their tax dollars back and let them pick what they want o spend their health care dollars on. Minimizing government involvement is what will make the system more efficient and effective. Socialistic systems such as “nationalized health care” are immoral.